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To access the Logging settings page, the menu Settings Level must be set to at least Standard

1 Debug

This section is related to the creation of Debug Logs.

1.1 Enable debug logging

Settings level: Standard
Description: Turn debug logging on or off. Useful for troubleshooting.

If you have been requested to provide a debug log, this setting must be enabled. For further instructions, refer to the link below.

1.2 Enable component-specific logging

Settings level: Standard
Description: Enables verbose messages from additional libraries to be included in the debug log

Depending upon the issue you are investigating, you may want additional logging for a particular component of Kodi. To use this, enable this item and then select the required additional data in the next setting.

1.3 Specify component-specific logging

Settings level: Standard
Description: Specify additional libraries whose verbose messages are to be included in the debug log

If the previous setting has been enabled, then select which additional components are to be included in the debug log. The following settings may be available, depending upon your hardware and operating system

  • The SMB library
  • The libcURL library (HTTP(S), DAV)
  • The FFmpeg libraries
  • The Audio component
  • The Video component
  • D-Bus calls
  • JSON-RPC requests
  • The Webserver component
  • The Airtunes library
  • The UPnP components
  • The libCEC library
  • The Database component
  • Audio/video timing information

1.4 Screenshot folder

Settings level: Standard
Description: Select the folder where the screenshots should be saved in

Kodi allows you to take a screen snapshot. This setting tells Kodi where to save the screenshot once it has been taken. You should use a location that allows easy access to the folder. The screenshot can be taken using one of the following methods...

  • Pressing ctrl+s on a keyboard
  • Pressing the equiveland key on your remote control. This is not a standard button press and will need to be mapped to your remote control. See: Keymap Editor

2 Events

The following settings are related to the Event Log

See: Event Log

2.1 Enable event logging

Settings level: Standard
Description: Enables or disables the Event Log

2.2 Enable notification event logging

Settings level: Standard
Description: This setting is only available if the previous setting is Enabled. Enabling this setting will create an on-screen notification that an Event has been recorded in the log.

2.3 Show event log

Settings level: Standard
Description: Selecting this item will take you directly to the Event Log. The log can also be accessed from the main settings page.

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