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{{:Adding videos to the library/Contents}}
#REDIRECT [[Adding_video_sources]]
When you "Set Content", you can set your video content as Music Videos, Movies, or TV Shows.  Scroll through the options until you get to the correct one. If you did not "Set Content" when you added a source, you can do so later by selecting the source and bringing up the contextual menu ({{keypress|C}} on a keyboard by default).
==Content options==
[[File:Set content.movies.png|500px|right]]
;Movies are in separate folders that match the movie title
:If you keep each of your movies in its own folder with the movie name in it
:'''Example:''' /Movies/Big Buck Bunny/Big Buck Bunny.mkv
;Scan recursively
:If your movies are categorized into sub folders (e.g. genres, a-z).
:'''Example:''' /Movies/Action/Big Buck Bunny.mkv
;Selected folder contains a single movie
:This option is intended exclusively for adding one movie at a time.
If you keep all your movies in one big folder, like this:<br>
''<div style="text-indent: 2em">'''''C:\Movies\Big Buck Bunny.avi'''''<br></div>
''<div style="text-indent: 2em">'''''C:\Movies\Big Buck Bunny II: Rise of the Lepus.avi'''''<br></div>
Then leave all options unchecked.
===TV shows===
[[File:Set content.TV shows.png|500px|right]]
===Music videos===
[[File:Set content.music videos.png|500px|right]]
[[File:Set content.none.png|500px|right]]
== Scraper settings ==
Some scrapers like the IMDb scraper allow the user to change options related to that scraper.
===The MovieDB===
{{see also|Add-on:The MovieDB}}
{{#lsth:Add-on:The MovieDB|Scraper settings}}
{{see also|Add-on:The TVDB}}
{{#lsth:Add-on:The TVDB|Scraper settings}}
==Scanning and updating files==
There are several ways you can scan your movies into the [[Video library]]:
* Choose automatic scan when you set the content for the source.
* Select the item in file view and either press {{keypress|I}} on the keyboard, or bring up the contextual menu (press {{keypress|C}}) and select "Movie information" or "TV show information"
**If the file is already scanned in, you can also use the info screen to refresh/update that entry in the library.
* You can select the share/folder that your videos are in and choose "Scan for new content" from the contextual menu, which scans all files in that share/folder.
* In Library view you can choose "Update library" from the contextaul menu.
* Have XBMC scan for new items upon start up by going to {{highlight|[[Settings/Video#Library|Settings -> Video -> Library -> Update library on startup]]}}
* [[Add-on:XBMC Library Auto Update]] can be used to schedule automatic updates to the library.
==Switching scrapers and removing sources from the library==
Setting the content back to '''<None>''' after previously having selected a scraper for a source, will prompt users if they want to remove the contents from the Library.
This is recommended if you wish to switch scrapers. First set content to '''<None>''' and then choose the new scraper.
Setting content to '''<None>''' also removes the contents of the selected folder from the Library altogether. This is useful if you want to remove the contents of an entire folder from the video library as removing entries from the contextual menu will only remove single items.

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