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At some point during your foray into Kodi, you will likely come up against a problem that isn't made 100% clear from errors in the GUI. This is where the log file comes into play. Kodi writes all sorts of useful stuff to its log, which is why it should be included with every bug/problem report.

1 Important Notes

  • Do NOT post your logs directly in a forum. Always use a paste site like https://paste.kodi.tv . Post the link to your pasted log in the forum. Details are in the following pages.

  • Provide FULL Logs only. No Partial logs or snippets. The only redactions should be personal information.

  • Be aware that the Logs are "Session Logs" only. The logs are written from Kodi startup to Kodi shutdown (or crash). The next time you start Kodi, the kodi.log is cleared, and a new log is created. The kodi.log that was there is renamed to kodi.old.log and the existing kodi.old.log is deleted. In effect you only ever have two logs available- the current one, and the previous one. Depending upon your situation and which of the following methods you use, be mindful of the following:
    • If you have replicated the problem and are immediately using the Kodi LogUploader add-on, upload kodi.log
    • If you are going to restart Kodi to use the uploader app, you need to upload kodi.old.log
    • Before restarting, you can manually copy and paste the contents of the kodi.log to a pastebin site

2 Basic Method

* Log file/Easy - If Kodi is operational and you can still navigate through the menu system, use this method to create the Debugging Log.

3 Advanced Method

* Log file/Advanced - If your Kodi refuses to start, or crashes while attempting to start or while navigating the menu's, then use this method to create the Debugging Log.