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Kodi ships with button maps for a small number of controllers on each platform. If you would like your configuration to be included in a Kodi release, it needs to be included in Add-on:Joystick Support.

1 Creating button maps

Button maps are generated by the Joystick Support add-on. Follow the steps in HOW-TO:Configure controllers. It is best if you map multiple controller profiles for each of your controllers; see HOW-TO:Map multiple controllers.

You can find the generated button map in the userdata folder at:

.../userdata/addon_data/peripheral.joystick/resources/buttonmaps/xml/<driver name>/

The button map is an XML file. You can see all existing button maps in the GitHub repo.

2 Share via GitHub

This is the preferred method. Simply fork the repo, add the button map to the correct folder of the GitHub repo, and send a pull request to

3 Share via the Forum

If you share outside of GitHub, please include the filename of the button map. A friendly developer will then create a pull request on GitHub for you.

Until we add a thread/subforum for button maps, you can post in the Hardware subforum. Please upload your button map to a pastebin site like and post a link. If you post the XML directly then it clutters the forum, but we'll accept it anyway.