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Kodi v18 (Leia) and later features a "Games" window/section in the GUI from which you can launch and run games, including libretro-compatible Game add-ons which can run some games and a lot of different retro game-emulators natively from inside Kodi. New is also many an input manager with many game controller settings for configuring gamepads, joysticks, keyboards, and mouses, for use inside those games/emulators that are running natively inside Kodi's runtime.

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icon Game Management
A guide to managing game files
icon Game Playback Controls
A guide that describes the player controls and menus
icon Index of game articles
A listing of game-related pages
icon Game add-ons
Game add-ons for Kodi
icon Game Development
A guide to developing games in Kodi
icon Game Controllers
Guides for configuring controllers