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The favourites.xml file contains the data of all items added to the Favourites listing.

For advanced users, the favourites.xml file can be edited manually, rather than using the Kodi interface to create and edit the listing.

See also: Favourites


The favourites.xml file is located in the Userdata folder.

The User preference order of the Favourites screen is determined by the order of the entries in the xml file, which is the order they were added to the Favourites list.

To change the order, simply move the entries to the desired order.

Example: The format of the favourites.xml is as follows.

    <favourite name="The Big Bang Theory" thumb="smb://HTPC-PC/J/TV Complete AK/Big Bang Theory (2007)/poster.jpg">ActivateWindow(10025,&quot;videodb://tvshows/titles/1/&quot;,return)</favourite>
    <favourite name="Artwork Dump" thumb="C:\Kodi\KODI- v20 Release\portable_data\addons\script.artwork.dump\icon.png">RunAddon(&quot;script.artwork.dump&quot;)</favourite>
    <favourite name="U2" thumb="C:\Kodi\Test- Music\U2\Best Of 1980-1990, The\discart.png">ActivateWindow(10502,&quot;C:\\Kodi\\Test- Music\\U2\\&quot;,return)</favourite>
    <favourite name="Open Space" thumb="C:\Kodi\Test- Music\Open Space\discart.png">ActivateWindow(10502,&quot;C:\\Kodi\\Test- Music\\Open Space\\&quot;,return)</favourite>

Note: When adding library items to Favourites, some items are linked by their ID's contained in the library databases. If these items are deleted and rescraped or refreshed, the ID's will most likely change and the favourites entry becomes invalid.

Format of Favourite Item

    <favourite name="Enter name here" thumb="URL (local or online)">Action</favourite>

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