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This is developer documentation about the markup of the favourites.xml file. For the main page about the favourites feature see Favourites.

1 Favourites via xml

Creating and/or editing favourites.xml in the userdata folder

Example 1 Here is how simple favourites.xml file would like for the method outlined above if you were to create it manually.

    <favourite name="Water Wars II: Privatization" thumb="http://static.ddmcdn.com/gif/videos/120x90/52447.jpg">PlayMedia(&quot;plugin://plugin.video.howstuffworks_com/?url=52447&amp;mode=playVideo&quot;)</favourite>

Example 2

Here is how simple favourites.xml file looks like with SVN Repo Installed plugin entry (you need to have installed SVN Repo Installed and TED Video plugin previously installed):

    <favourite name="TED Talks" thumb="special://masterprofile/Thumbnails/Programs/d3b7311b.tbn">ActivateWindow(10024,plugin://video/TED Talks/)</favourite>
    <favourite name="SVN Repo Installer" thumb="special://home/plugins/programs/SVN Repo Installer/default.tbn">ActivateWindow(10001,plugin://programs/SVN Repo Installer/)</favourite>

2 Renaming a favourite via xml

You can when adding the Source Name it as you wish the filename to appear, however if your not happy with the name provided by default rename it to whatever you wish.

    <favourite name="Enter Desired name here" thumb="http://static.ddmcdn.com/gif/videos/120x90/52447.jpg">PlayMedia(&quot;plugin://plugin.video.howstuffworks_com/?url=52447&amp;mode=playVideo&quot;)</favourite>
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