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Collections may refer to one of the following:

Movie sets

A Movie Set is a collection of related films that are part of the same fictional universe. The scraper sites include artwork and metadata for Movie Sets which is scraped by Kodi and creates the Movie Set in your library. Movie sets are versatile and can be easily edited to suit your own needs.

Movie sets artwork

This page details information specific to the movie sets library.

Movie set information folder

The Movie Set Information Folder (MSIF) is a user nominated folder that Kodi will scan to locate local artwork for movie sets/collections.

Cinematic Universes

Through the use of specialised filenaming and a smart playlist, Kodi can build a cinematic universe for any of your favourite movie and tv show franchises. Using this method allows correct canonical sorting, or any sorting required by the user, which cannot be accomplished with any other method. This method has the advantage of creating these universes without affecting movie sets or library listings in the movie or tv show library.