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Stalker Client

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Author: Jamal Edey

Repo: repo v21 repo v20 repo v19

License: GPL-2.0-or-later
Source: Source code
Summary: PVR Client to connect Kodi to Stalker Middleware
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PVR Client to connect Kodi to Stalker Middleware


This add-on is installed from the Add-on browser located in Kodi as follows:

  1. Settings
  2. Add-ons
  3. Install from repository
  4. PVR clients
  5. Stalker Client
  6. Install

For Linux, see... Ubuntu PVR add-ons

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1. Tuner Cards
2. Backends
3. Setup
4. Live TV Artwork

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What is Stalker Middleware

Stalker Middleware is an Infomir company software designed to organize IPTV and OTT projects which allows for a fast and efficient launch of IP-network video services. The key feature of Stalker Middleware is the ability to run a service based on IP networks with minimum initial investment and very short time. Other main features are PiP, multilanguage, parental control, CAS and DRM system support, customization of the user interface and Multiscreen.

Stalker Client is an unofficial PVR Client Addon for Kodi to connect to Stalker Middleware Internet-based television (IPTV) provider Infomir, typically otherwise accessed through IPTV STBs such as Infomir MAG254/255 and others that support Stalker Middleware.

This Stalker frontend client addon is meant as a supplement to the your set-top box and a way to watch tv on Kodi supported devices. The adddon currently supports Live TV, EPG, Channel groups, and Channel icons.

Note! This addon requires you to own an existing Infomir MAG254 or MAG255 set-top box.

Connecting Kodi to Stalker Middleware servers

  1. Go to Settings -> Add-ons -> Install from repository -> PVR Clients and select the Stalker Client add-on
  2. Select "Configure"
  3. For Linux installation see... Ubuntu PVR add-ons


  • MAC address: this must match (clone) your STB's.
  • Server address: the portal address


  • This addon is still a work in progress, and may not function as intended.
  • This addon is not meant as a full replacement for MAG254/255 STB and a is not a means to circumvent any authentication or authorization. The addon should only be used as a compliment to your existing set-top-box.
  • This addon is tested against the vanilla version of the portal. This addon may work depending on the changes that individual providers have made on their own.
  • This addon uses portals that only support multicast streams, and the use unicast streams are not supported.


Kodi PVR client addon source code for stable builds:

Kodi PVR client addon source code for experimental test builds:

Upstream Stalker Middleware open source:

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