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About Me

I am a Canadian and a big fan of OpenSource software. I have been a fan of Kodi ever since I discovered XBMC for a modded XBox.


My knowledge and experience editing wikis is limited. My only major contribution has been to Destinypedia (User • Contributions), which I started contributing to shortly after Destiny was released. I stopped contributing on 8 February 2015, shortly after the first expansion was released, because I stopped playing the game. My contributions included:

  • Minor cleanup of pages.
  • Creating pages, including as much content as I could provide.
  • Adding appropriate screenshots.
  • Correcting copyrights and categories for screenshots and other images.
  • Reverting incorrect edits and vandalism.


  • My primary goal is to improve the formatting of pages and to format pages where text was simply pasted without formatting.
  • To improve this wiki in any way I can.

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