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TeknoJuce Canadian XBMC Devision
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I enjoy helping people in #XBMC for about 3+ years now and still enjoy doing it, and creating microapps to do NeAtO things with XBMC and posting/reading links to interesting and crazy technology & beta software, I love being on the bleading edge of technology no matter how buggy it may be.

Likes : Canada, Snowboard & Wakeboarding, Women, XBMC, Satellites, GadgetHackin', Being a Shiek G33K, B4d GammAr Sk1LLz, Any electronical new aged music, Crazy people that like to joke around about stoopid crap and about other users no matter how cliche or messed up, just having fun and adding some life to #XBMC

Dislikes : Users with out manors & apperciation, uptight users, nickswapers, spammers, people that can't take a joke, moody users, swaring in the channel, people that say bad things about my baby XBMC even if its a joke or about the team members; DIE! :)
Don't hate the game hate the player's in the game :( --Halo2 XBMC XLink Kai

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Rhyme 4 #XBMC

all the irc'rs idoling
like the worlds asleep,
not anybody making a peep,
how do they expect me to help,
when no ones a-bout,
XBMC please coco,rage
slap me with a trout
knock me the fook out
now im starting to snore
jaws dropping on the floor
lotos a 420 whore
dope'n like mad, what a bore
helpin' out its not a chore
spamming freeks, theres the door
kick boot banned access denide
hey atleast they tried
but theres no stoppin:
fluffles,gotago,normandy,& A-Zero-Zero
them bots are our heros
stoping spam in its xbmc trax
some may slip though the cracks
so we beat them with bats
Pike Techno swed is where its @
streamin toons, like no other brotha
though hes not from my motha
n00bs dont read the damn topic
tslayer shows off him
and his hot girl in the tropics
his bot makes repitition a mission
for all those newbs that dont listen
chokemaniac puts all the skinners to shame
his artistic touch makes the monalisa blush
JMarshall no hes not eminem
but the madhatter of the codding xbmc desaster
codding with his madskills releasing bugfixpatches
faster then any n00b can complain
Nuendo tells them, all bugs are the same
and are the features what a funnay creature
Nintendo i think when i say his name
i guess ive got them damn games on my brain
somebody please talk the silence is deafing
its driving me insane nothing to do
so i guess its time to snooze...

-TeknoJuce @ #XBMC

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BEFORE #XBMC TeknoOnTheLeft.jpg



pike edit: who's Tekno ? the hot blonde ?

loto edit: no he's the old guy in the back who snuck into their photo

comming soon to your house 1995 Crusin' USA! YAY! for Nintendo Ultra64!

I like to discriminate against my pot loving westcoast brotha's. Enough of this east vs west tekno... feel the love -Love (loto)Lotto649 just imagine!