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Team-XBMC Developer
Real Name: Memphiz, Memphis, Memphisch (mostly Memphiz in XBMC context)
Nationality: German
Country of Residence: Germany


Timezone: GMT+2 (during summer), GMT+1 (during winter)
IRC username: Memphiz
XBMC e-mail alias: memphiz (at) xbmc (dot) org
GMail account: ?
XBMC Forum account: Memphiz
XBMC Wiki account: Memphiz memphis_
LaunchPad.Net account:
Website/blog: ?

Social Network Sites

Facebook: face what?
MySpace: my what?
Orkut: Or what?
Flickr: Fli what?
Twitter: Twi what?
Tumblr: Tum what?