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Hey there!

I am known as forum-member HenryFord. I dedicate as much time as I can to the XBMC without being an official member and help out where I can - which sadly does not include developement (yet). I still dream of the day where I can get my hands on enough free time to finally teach myself C/C++ - at this point I am only fluent in C# and thus bound to Windows... At some point I started learning Assembler and I am still getting into it, but with my job biting my neck all the time, there just isn't enough free time at hands. But one can dream, right?

I created the Dharma-Guide which is featured on this Wiki and will be adapted for future usage, if you're on the forums, you surely know me and I hope you enjoy and appreciate the help I am able to give. If not, or if there's anything else you want to know - just PM me over at the forums or use the mail-function, I'll get back to you.

A little about myself: I am 23 years of age. Born, raised and currently living in Germany. I work as a professional IT Administrator with a big systems-integrator in Germany (currently the leading force of this industry) and I work for big to very big companies as an external implementation specialist and administrator. This requires a lot of travelling and going around in the world - so, you see where the lack of time originates from...

You can visit my site over at - but there is hardly anything there besides the above mentioned Guide... so...

Best wishes, Thomas