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Damian Huckle

~ Team DDDamian ~
                                                                ~ Team DDDamian ~

Hey folks - glad and honoured to be a member of Team XBMC, the team behind best media center on the planet.

A windows coder with a passion for audio, working hard on audio support, bug patching, QA and forum moderation and assistance. I'm currently helping out with the new AudioEngine - an initiative by team member Gnif to bring audiophile quality sound to XBMC along with the latest bluray hi-def audio formats.

I hail from Toronto, Ontario, Canada but have travelled across much of the US and Europe.

Known in the forums and on Git as DDDamian, hope to see you around. Remember to support the Team and donate if you can. We appreciate your comments, suggestions and problem-reporting. The future of XBMC depends on the hard work of many, users included!

Long live XBMC!

Best Chat Ever:

[09:59.12] <zzzzzzzzz> and now I've suddenly discovered a weird problem

[09:59.24] <DDDamian> what's that

[09:59.36] <zzzzzzzzz> does anyone know what a red speaker in the top right corner means?

[09:59.44] <DDDamian> mute

[09:59.58] <zzzzzzzzz> huh

[10:00.02] <zzzzzzzzz> I've never muted it before

[10:00.15] <DDDamian> did it kiss you after :P

[10:00.32] <zzzzzzzzz> nope

[10:00.34] <zzzzzzzzz> no cuddling either

[10:00.36] <zzzzzzzzz> :D