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Reverse Engineering must be a morally undeniable theme within Copyright as the prevention of monopolies and furtherance of science must be societies principle goals.


Those Cherished Moments For That Is My Humanity

When the music is so pure

The touch on your soul it brings a tear and joy. When the movie cannot be more true. The wisdom of revelation is such welcome waves of climax. When the image cannot be left unseen. The gravity of all that you are, all that you have seen, all that you project for yourself. Is all naught to those moments! Those cherised moments!

Those cherished moments

So many things came to provide. So many things that are not seen, that are not understood. This greatest of gift the toil of many. The labour of commen men for the greatest gift. The greatest gift of art.

Those cherished moments

My somber thanks. Pray I shall meet the bargain promised. Standards struck so high the capable. Yet the irony of common men. Alas my toil is not without error. Not without wretched sin. Oh yes, that wrong delight! That is my humanity!

Take a moment now

And share this moment in time with me. I shall hold the weight upon you. So much weight. See how silly we are. How wrong we are. The truth is in a calm place where only there can right and wrong be known. Show me yourself, for I am naked. No clothing can I wear from you.

That is my humanity

We are all frail. Time is the conqueror of all things. Trapped is the wretched rat who squanders these gifts. For if the sole sum of my contribution to this world is to share upon thee, the glee and love of this art. I shall ask for no more. As you have then seen my heart. For that is our humanity and for that is our cherished moment!