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Sylvain (a.k.a. c0diq)

Team-XBMC's UPnP (Universial Plug And Play) master. The author of XBMC's UPnP MediaCenter ControlPoint (UPnP-client), which is based on the Platinum UPnP SDK (that is available on SourceForge.net). Platinum UPnP SDK is a free and open source SDK (Software Development Kit) from c0diq, Platinum UPnP SDK lets you easily create a UPnP MediaServer, MediaRenderer or Contol Point. Platinum UPnP SDK is a dual-licensed product, GPL (GNU General Public License) and a 'Proprietary License for Commersial Use' which enables companies to purshase the right from c0diq to use the Platinum UPnP SDK in close sourced softwares.

Profesion: Professional programmer/developer.

c0diq's personal website: http://www.plutinosoft.com

c0diq's personal blog: http://www.plutinosoft.com/blog

Contacts: c0diq on IRC efnet #xbmc

Special thanks: Thanks Bunnie, you're the man Thanks to K., M. & L.