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[edit] Template documentation

This template outputs a formatted MediaWiki parser or extension tag that links to the help or extension page about it. It is similar in function and behavior to {{Tag}}, but it links the tag and defaults to an open value for the second positional (unnamed) parameter.

Parser and extension tags

For a machine-generated list, see Special:Version#mw-version-parser-extensiontags, it may include tags not documented here.

Parser tags
<gallery>, <includeonly>, <noinclude>, <nowiki>, <onlyinclude> and <pre>
Extension tags
<categorytree>, <DPL>, <DynamicPageList>, <imagemap>, <indicator>, <inputbox>, <poem>, <ref>, <references>, <section> and <syntaxhighlight> (alias <source>)


  • unnamed first parameter or |1= (mandatory): the name of the tag
  • unnamed second parameter or |2= (optional): what type of tag to display; valid values are
    • o or open (default): display only the opening tag of an open-and-closed pair
    • c or close: display only the closing tag of an open-and-closed pair
    • s or single: display a single, self-closing tag
    • p or pair: display a matched pair of tags (open-and-closed)
      • To suppress the ellipsis () which appears between the tags, add an empty |content= parameter
  • |content= the text shown between the tags
  • |params= any parameters to be included in the opening tag


Markup → renders as

{{Xtag|nowiki|s}}<nowiki />
{{Xtag|syntaxhighlight|p|params=enclose="div" lang="text"}}<syntaxhighlight enclose="div" lang="text">…</syntaxhighlight>

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