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[edit] Template documentation
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The {{To do}} template is a convenient way to leave situational thoughts about a page if you see something wrong or that should be changed on the wiki but don't have time to address it then or you don't feel comfortable editing the page yourself. Even if you do normally edit the wiki, this is a great way to remember what needs to be done. An apt comparison for this template would be to a Post-It note dispenser atop a file cabinet, it lets us have a non-permanent and unobstrusive to-do list for any given page on the wiki.


Asterisks (*) are used to create the individual entries for each to-do list item; remember, though, that the asterisk has to be the first character on a new line. Create a list item for every step in the process you think needs to be done. For example:

To see this template in use, visit HOW-TO talk:Help with quality assurance testing (click [show] to expose the full list).


Most pages don't have the to do template already on them, so to add them you just click on the "edit" tab of the wiki page, create a new line at the top of the page and add {{To do}} there, then click the 'Save changes' button. When the page reloads you'll see the template message there with a link to add new items, which should open a blank page where you can create your to-do list items that begin with the asterisks.

These lists will allow editors to maintain a better understanding of what work needs to be focused where and collaborate with each other on it. Being more organized makes the task of updating the wiki less overwhelming. These kinds of assessments and to-do lists have been wildly successful on other wikis, including Wikipedia. Don't thjnk of it as passing the task on to someone else, either; you're genuinely leaving the page in a better condition than you found it just by making note of what there is to do. There are lots of people who are happy to help edit pages but first need to have an idea of what should be done, and this template is one of the best tools we have for that. The lists also encourage new people to edit the wiki, as they can feel confident that they're addressing a genuine need, rather than wondering if they're having a positive impact.


  • {{To do}} – the normal, default to do list
  • {{To do|inner=Blah Blah Blah}} – uses the contents of 'inner' as the to do list
  • {{To do|list=Template:To do/TODO}} – uses the subpage Template:To do/TODO as the to do list, instead of subpage Template:To do/to do
  • {{To do|nocats=yes}} – doesn't add page to tracking categories for to-do tasks
  • {{To do|small=yes}} – formats the to do list using the 'small' format
  • {{To do|target=Foo}} – uses the to do list of page Foo instead
    • Use the |target parameter for accessing another article's to do list.

Empty invocations

Basic parameters only

{{To do | for = | inner = | list = | nocats = | small = | target = }}

Meta-template parameters

{{To do … <!-- All the parameters shown above are still valid in a meta-template --> | above = | below = | category = | image = | inner = | smallfor = <!-- if the 'for' parameter should be displayed when small --> }}


  • {{To do|inner=
    * To Prepare this page for update.
    * Update screen shots.

  • {{To do|list=HOW-TO talk:Help with quality assurance testing/to do}}

  • {{To do|target=Movie sets}}

See also

  • {{Editor note}} - leave in-line notes for other wiki editors.