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[edit] Template documentation

If you see something wrong or that should be changed on the wiki, but you don't have time or you don't feel comfortable editing the page yourself, we have a new tool, a {{to do}} template. Even if you do normally edit the wiki, this is a great way to remember what needs to be done if you can't do it right away.

This template basically lets us have a to-do list for any given page on the wiki, and the only formatting you need to know is this:

Asterisks (*) are used to create bullet points for each to-do item. Just make sure that the asterisk is the first character on a new line. Then just type in what you think needs to be done. For example:

* Update screenshots
* The section on playlists is confusing and should be clearer
* this feature has changed with http://github.whatever/link/to/PR


For example, see the to-do list on Remote controls (click [show] to expose the full list). You can be as specific or as general as you want in the to-do items.

Most pages don't have the to do template already on them, so to add them you just click on the "edit" tab of the wiki page and type in "{{to do}}" at the top of the page, then save. The template will then tell you to click on a link to add new items, which should bring you to a blank page where you put in the lines with the asterisks.

These lists will allow editors to have a better understanding of what work needs to be focused where. Being more organized like this actually makes the task of updating the wiki feel less overwhelming. These kinds of assessments and to-do lists have been wildly successful on other wikis, including Wikipedia. Even if you feel like it's passing the task on to someone else, don't feel that way. Editing the wiki is a chore for some people, but there are lots of people who are happy to do this, but we just need to know and organize what needs to be done, and step one of that is the to-do template. To the wiki users, the chore is finding out what needs to be done, so we're basically helping each other out. The lists also encourage more people to edit the wiki, as they can more plainly see what needs to be done, rather than guessing.

1 Usage

  • {{To do}} – the normal, default to do list
  • {{To do|inner=Blah Blah Blah}} – uses the contents of 'inner' as the to do list
  • {{To do|list=./TODO}} – uses the subpage ./TODO as the to do list, instead of subpage ./to do
  • {{To do|nocats=yes}} – doesn't include categories
  • {{To do|small=yes}} – formats the to do list as the 'small' version
  • {{To do|target=Foo}} – uses the to do list of page Foo instead
    • Use the |target parameter for accessing another article's to do list.

1.1 Parameters

General parameters:

{{To do

Parameters for use as a meta-template:

{{To do
|smallfor= (if the |for= parameter should be displayed when small)

2 Examples

  • {{To do|inner=
    * To Prepare this page for update.
    * Update screen shots.

  • {{To do|target=Movie sets}}

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