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Manual creation of breadcrumbs. Should only be used on main XBMC manual pages to aid navigation. Some exceptions might apply. Slightly experimental.

1 Usage

{{mininav|Level 1|Level 2|Level 3|Level 4}}

Supports up to 10 levels

Ends the breadcrumb with the current page name. This can be manually overwritten with |page= or turned off by |no page= ("no page" does not need a value).

2 Examples

2.1 Example 1

{{mininav|[[Video library]]|[[Basic_controls|Navigation]]|Context menu}}


Home icon grey.png   ▶ Video library ▶ Navigation ▶ Context menu ▶ doc

2.2 Example 2

Adding the {{l2}} (line 2) template can make a second path in the same cell, for creating more than one breadcrumb path:

{{mininav| [[Settings]] {{l2| [[Video library]] }} }}


Home icon grey.png   ▶ Settings
▶ Video library
▶ doc