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The {{Main}} template produces a hatnote[1] that informs the reader that the topic is addressed in greater detail elsewhere on Kodi Wiki.


Provide up to ten (10) full page name(s) as unnamed parameters, including the namespace if not in 'Main', and without the enclosing double bracket ([[…]]) wikilink syntax.


{{Main|Page 1}}

Full syntax

You may also include additional links, up to ten in total:

{{Main|Page 1|Archive:Page 2|HOW-TO:Page 3|:Category:Page 4|Template:Page 5|Talk:Page 6|Add-on:Page 7|User:Page 8|Help:Page 9|Official Kodi Wiki:Page 10}}


  1. An editorial message placed at the top (or "hat") of a page or section, intended to anticipate a reader's needs or purpose.

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