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This template creates a dynamic navigation box using style sheet declarations in MediaWiki:Common.css and Javascript code in MediaWiki:Common.js. It displays the first parameter (the heading) with a [show] link on the right. If [show] is clicked by the user, the second parameter (the body) is displayed below the heading and the [show] link becomes [hide]. Clicking on [hide] then hides the body again and the [hide] link becomes [show] again.

The template does not provide an argument to designate the initial state of the show/hide control. In the nested case, show/hide controls in hidden content retain their state. There is no facility for collapse all or reveal all.

1 Usage

1.1 Syntax


1.2 Parameters

Only two parameters are required for this template:

text for header (or title); alternative to using unnamed parameter {{{1}}}
text for content (or body); alternative to using unnamed parameter {{{2}}}

1.2.1 Optional

add CSS to the main div.
add CSS to the header.
add CSS to the content box.

Note: This template will not respect the user preference "justify paragraphs".

2 Examples

2.1 Basic

In this example only the two required parameters are specified.

{{hidden|Title text here|Body text line 1<br/>Body text line 2}}

2.2 Header background

|Title text here
|Body text line 1<br/>Body text line 2

2.3 CSS

| style = border:1px dashed red; width: 50%;
| headerstyle = background: #ccccff; font-size: 110%;
| contentstyle = text-align: center; color:green;
| header = Title text here
| content = Body text line 1<br />Body text line 2<br />Body text line 3

3 See also