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Attention talk.png {{{1}}}
[edit] Template documentation
  • {{forum link2}} is used to note a forum link on the page itself when you want to give it special attention, like a forum post for an add-on on the add-on's wiki page. Not meant for all forum links. Can also be used for IRC and other discussion-type links.
  • {{forum link}} is used on the talk page of a wiki page to direct discussion to the XBMC forums instead.


For adding forum links use this format:

{{forum link2|[[forum:336969|Library and Scraping problems]]}}

Which will render as the following:

Attention talk.png Library and Scraping problems

Where the number is what you find in the HTTP browser link.

Nothing is auto-linked with this template and there is no default text, so all linking formatting and text must be manually entered.