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Missing information

Theres more folders and files inside userdata that are not documented for Frodo. the profiles is a actual folder Which I presume contains all the profiles inside. profiles.xml is the masterprofile? It resides outside the profiles folder why is it not inside the profiles folder?. Then there's the addons_data, peripheral_data and library folder (some of these are EMPTY, its a wild guess what goes in there.,. The list is complete but the information required to address these is a little beyond me as my usage scenarios only allow me to guess. I would like to put relevant information, rather than scattered incomplete.

Also decided that would be better to add a section to the profiles page rather than creating a page that explains what the profiles folder is for what it stores inside etc, and a explanation for profiles.xml which even though is not inside the profiles folder seemingly is related?? anyway section Profiles#profiles_folder_and_profiles.xml trumps new page, though this new section is empty because I know nothing about that. Some assistance required on both areas to make both pages complete and accurate.--uNiversal 06:10, 29 November 2012 (EST)

With the exception of Profiles#Profiles_folder_contents (now populated with something) which does not preclude the information provided on said section still being incomplete, the above still applies and still needs updating.--uNiversal 09:59, 29 November 2012 (EST)