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This category provides Information on Kodi and your Hardware. There are no adjustable settings in this section.

1 Summary

This tab provides a Summary of the most important information of the remaining sections.

Exact Kodi version and build details are located in the bottom right of each page


2 Storage

Lists the available space of all connected hard drives, including external USB drives.


3 Network

Displays the Network details of your connected hardware.


4 Video

Displays details of your Graphics Processor Unit along with current Resolution setting.


5 Hardware

Displays CPU and Memory usage details.


6 PVR Service

Displays details of the connected PVR.

This page will be greyed out and inaccessible if a PVR is not installed. See: Live_TV


7 Privacy Policy

Displays the Kodi Privacy Policy.

The Policy can also be read here... Privacy Policy


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