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1 Sleep / Shutdown

The settings in this section are persistent. To disable them change the settings back to Off

1.1 Put display to sleep when idle

Settings level: Basic
Description: Most, if not all, modern TV's have a built in function to switch off if a signal is not received by the TV. This may occur instantly or at some pre-set interval set by the manufacturer. When this timer is set, the video signal will be cut after the specified time. This should activate the TV's shutdown process resulting in the TV switching off, either immediately or once the manufacturers pre-set time has expired.

The countdown timer can be set in 5 minute increments betwee 0-120 minutes.

1.2 Shutdown function timer

Settings level: Advanced
Description: The time setting here is the period of inactivity required before the Shutdown function is performed.

The countdown timer can be set in 5 minute increments betwee 0-120 minutes.

1.3 Shutdown function

Settings level: Advanced
Description: The Shutdown function is used in combination with the Shutdown Function Timer above. This will set what occurs once the timer has reached 0. Available options are...
  • Shutdown
  • Hibernate
  • Suspend
  • Quit (default)
  • Minimise

1.4 Maximum wait time for network

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Set the maximum time to wait for the network to come up after starting or waking up. When time has passed before network is up, statup will continue.

2 Wake

2.1 Try to wakeup remote servers on access

Settings level: Standard
Description: Enable this setting to automatically send Wake-on-Lan signal to the server(s) before trying to access shared files or services.
See Also: Wake-on-Lan

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