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NFS Protocol Version

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Toggle between NFSv3 or NFSv4 to match the settings used on the NFS export(s). Please note that Windows 10/11 Home for consumers does not have NFS client support, but Windows 10/11 Pro and Enterprise releases do. NFS client support is not enabled by default in Windows. Most Linux OSes have NFS support built-in.

Chunk Size

NFS Chunk Size

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Allows the selection of the chunk size which may improve data throughput. May aid in better playback of high bit-rate UHD files, especially on low-powered devices or slow networks. [1]

Select from:

  • 16 KB
  • 32 KB
  • 64 KB
  • 128 KB (default)
  • 256 KB
  • 512 KB
  • 1 MB