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These cache settings were previously added and modified via the Advancedsettings.xml file. In v21 Omega these settings were moved to the Kodi GUI settings pages.[1]

There are no changes to these settings and they work as they did when they were added to the advancedsettings.xml file.

Note: The advancedsettings.xml method of adding these settings is deprecated. Any tags you still may have in the file will be ignored.

Buffer Mode

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Choose what to buffer:
  • No buffer
  • Only buffer true internet streams: HTTP, HTTPS, etc
  • Buffer all internet filesystems, including: FTP, WebDAV, etc.
  • Buffer all network filesystems, including: SMB, NFS, etc.
  • Buffer all filesystems, including local files

Memory Size

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Select the number of megabytes used for buffering streams in memory. When set to 0 the cache will be written to disk instead of RAM

Read Factor

Settings level: Advanced
Description: This factor determines the max readrate in terms of readfactor * avg bitrate of a video file. This can help on bad connections to keep the cache filled. It will also greatly speed up buffering. Default value is 4x.

Chunk Size

Chunk Size

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Allows the selection of the chunk size which may improve data throughput. May aid in better playback of high bit-rate UHD files, especially on low-powered devices or slow networks. [2]

Select from:

  • 16 KB
  • 32 KB
  • 64 KB
  • 128 KB (default)
  • 256 KB
  • 512 KB
  • 1 MB