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This category contains the settings for how DVD's, Blu-rays & CD's are handled


Player discs DVD.jpg

1.1 Play DVDs automatically

Settings level: Basic
Description: Autoruns DVD video when inserted in drive (Kodi v18 enable autorun even during other media playback)

1.2 Forced DVD player region

Settings level: Standard
Description: Forces a region for DVD playback.

1.3 Attempt to skip introduction before DVD menu

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Attempt to skip "unskippable" introductions before DVD menu.

2 Blu-ray

Player discs BR.jpg

2.1 Blu-ray region code

Settings level: Standard
Description: Defines the BluRay region code. Region A - Americas, East Asiaa and Southeast Asia. Region B- Arica, Middle East, Southwest Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand. Region C - Central Asia, mainland China, South Asia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan

2.2 Blu-ray playback mode

Settings level: Standard
Description: Specifies how Blu-Rays should be opened / played back. Note: Some disc menus are not fully supported and may cause problems.

3 Audio CDs

Player discs-AudioCDs.jpg

3.1 Audio CD insert action

Settings level: Standard
Description: Defines the action what happens after a disc is inserted. Possible options are: None, Play. Rip

3.2 Load audio CD information from online service

Settings level: Standard
Description: This will attempt to download display information belonging to the inserted audio CD from an internet database if the site has the matching entry. Every song will get its correct name and artist displayed. This has no bearing on the library functions of scanning and scraping.

3.3 Saved music folder

Settings level: Expert
Description: Select the location on your hard drive where ripped tracks will be saved to.

3.4 Track naming template

Settings level: Expert
Description: Control how saved music is named from the tags. The available Mask Characters are described in the tables:
Music Data TrackNumber DiscNumber Artist Title Album Genre Year FileName Duration Date Rating File Size User Rating
Mask Characters  %N  %S  %A  %T  %B  %G  %Y  %F  %D  %J  %R  %I  %r

3.5 Encoder

Settings level: Expert
Description: Select which audio encode to use when ripping.

All encoders are Add-ons and only two are activated by default. If your required encoder is not in the list, it must be enabled in the add-ons section first.

Note: Ubuntu users can download additional audio encoders via the Official Ubuntu PPA.

Installing audio encoders on Ubuntu will be done like this:
sudo apt-get install <packagename>
replace <packagename> with one of the list below:
Package name Description
kodi-audioencoder-vorbis audio encoder for vorbis
kodi-audioencoder-flac audio encoder add-on for FLAC
kodi-audioencoder-lame audio encoder for MP3 (lame)
kodi-audioencoder-wav audio encoder for WAV.

3.5.1 Settings

Settings level: Expert
Description: Specifies the settings for audio-cd ripping with the selected audio encoder.

3.6 Eject CDs when ripping is complete

Settings level: Expert
Description: Auto eject disc after ripping is complete.

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