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The Master Lock allows users to protect their content and settings by applying a PIN to various areas of Kodi. Three attempts are available to enter the correct PIN. If the third attempt fails, restart Kodi to try again.

Note: This feature protects the Kodi interface from, say, curious children. It will not protect the content and settings files outside of Kodi from being accessed via the operating system. Also, it may be bypassed via the web interface or other add-ons and advanced Kodi features.

Master lock code and settings

Settings level: Standard
Description: Enable or disable the master lock.

Note: This setting is valid for the current profile only. To lock other Profiles, repeat these steps while logged into the other profiles.

Master Lock

Settings level: Standard
Description: Set the type of PIN to be used.

Lock preferences

Settings level: Standard
Description: Choose which parts of Kodi to protect by enabling the item.

When accessing a locked menu item, the PIN will be requested. Three attempts are available to enter the correct pin. If there are three failed attempts, restart Kodi to try again.

Ask for master lock code on startup

Settings level: Standard
Description: To access this setting, you must exit back to the main menu and then re-enter the Master Lock Settings Screen at which time you will be asked for the PIN. The setting will become active and can be Enabled if required.

Note: This setting will affect all Profiles regardless of which Profile is used for startup.


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