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Kodi ships with SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) (not to be confused with FTP) client support for accessing file shares.

You can also use SFTP as a way to connect to some Kodi devices, such as Kodibuntu.

1 Adding SFTP as a media source

  1. Add Videos
  2. Browse
  3. Add network location
  4. Select SSH/SFTP from the protocol menu
  5. Complete other fields as required

2 Connecting to Kodibuntu via SFTP

Kodibuntu ships with Openssh server, making it easier to access your files via SSH/SFTP. Alternative installations that contain Openssh can also use the method below to connect.

Examples of SFTP clients

Connecting to Kodibuntu SFTP

During the installation of Kodibuntu you have to supply a username and a password. This username and password combination has to be used if you want to connect via SFTP

  1. Choose a SFTP client and open an instance
  2. Enter The Kodi box IP (using Filezilla e.g. sftp://
  3. Choose port 22
  4. For username the login name you chose during install
  5. For password the password you chose during install


During first time connecting you will see a security warning irrespective of client used.


Select OK or Yes

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