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Philips Hue lighting systems are "smart bulbs" that offer wireless control of light bulbs, as well as the ability to change the color of the bulb on some models. This page relates to using this system with Kodi.

1 Usages

Philips Hue lights can be used with Kodi in at least two ways:

  • Dimming and/or turning lights off during video playback.
  • Ambient TV lighting when using color Hue bulbs.

2 Add-ons

Hue Ambilight
A Kodi add-on that controls Philips Hue lights. In "Theater mode" the add-on dims the the Philips Hue lights as soon as a movie starts playing, and turns the lights back on once the movie is done. "Ambilight mode" turns your Philips Hue lights in a room-sized ambilight.
CinemaVision does a number of things to make Kodi feel like a real movie theater, including dimming Hue lights during video playback. In addition, CinemaVision allows the user to create a sequence of trivia slides, video bumpers, trailers and more.

3 Misc notes

  • If you only need lights to be on/off/dimmed and don't need color bulbs, you can buy an older Hue hub for cheap on ebay and use them with other brands of smart bulbs that use the Zigbee protocol. This includes GE Link and Cree connected LED light bulbs. Older Hue hubs in good condition are numerous on ebay due to users upgrading to a newer hub for use with Apple products, but the newer hubs are not required for Kodi usage.

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