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Party mode is a quick and simple option to create a continuous playlist of music from your library. As the name implies it is a great way to set and forget music playback for parties.

Party mode works by selecting 10 songs at random from your library and adding them to the party mode playlist. As one song ends, another song is added to the end of the queue so there are always 10 songs ready to play. If you have a small library, the playlist will continue to play but songs will be re-used at random.

Normal navigation controls such as pause, stop and next track are accessible but previous track is not available. Party mode is a library feature and not available in files mode.

Starting Party Mode

Party Mode playback is enabled from the Sideblade menu by enabling Party mode.

Editing Party Mode

If you have songs that you prefer not be played in Party mode, it is possible to edit the Party mode rules to exclude songs. This is done via the Party Mode Smart Playlist located as follows:

Music library
From the Main Menu navigate to Music > Playlists
  • Select Party mode playlist to edit the playlist
Video library
From the Main Menu navigate to Videos > Playlists
  • Select Party mode playlist to edit the playlist
Only Music Videos or Mixed can be selected here.

The default Party mode playlist does not exist in the form of an xsp file, instead it uses special core code which picks at random from all songs in the library.

If you choose to edit your Party mode playlist, the PartyMode.xsp file is then created. The file is kept separate from all other playlists and is saved directly in the Userdata folder.

See Smart playlists for details on editing a Party Mode playlist, which is a type of Smart Playlist.

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