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On Kodi Wiki, a bureaucrat is a user who has the technical ability to:

  • Promote other users to administrator or bureaucrat;
  • Grant and revoke a user's
  • Add and remove users from the interface-admin group;
  • Add and remove users from other custom user rights groups;
  • Remove a user's administrator and/or bureaucrat flags.

Promoting users and bots

If you are a bureaucrat, to give or remove another user administrator, bureaucrat or bot access (or any other access), go to the Special:UserRights page. There is a link to this on the list of special pages.

Type the user's name into the box, and enter a reason for the change. Choose the rights you wish to assign/remove to the user by ticking/unticking the relevant boxes. Note that if the user group has an asterisk (*) next to it, you will not be able to remove it yourself. When you are done, press the Save user groups button.

The user will gain their access immediately and the action will be recorded at the User rights log.