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Kodi is free and open-source software, meaning that it is generally acceptable for any company to use and distribute it as long as our license is respected. The Kodi Foundation does not charge any licensing fees for the usage of our product. A few highlights among the many possible uses for Kodi's featureset are listed on our website's About page.

The source code for Kodi is open for any user or company who is interested in it, and can be found in our public Git repositories. We encourage non-Team Kodi members to contribute to the codebase to improve general stability or expand and improve the overall usability.

However, in order to foster a healthy relationship with the Kodi team, we ask that interested parties open a line of communication with us first. This is only a courtesy, of course, but we appreciate knowing where our project is used and the motivations behind it. We may even be able to help you with your plan! Examples of such uses that we are interested in being aware of include:

  • Redistributing the application "as-is" as part of other software or hardware
  • Creation of lightly or "cosmetically" modified versions
  • Downstream expansion of possible hardware support or the addition of major new features

If you would like to discuss your project in more depth, please contact us with a description of it and its scope with as much detail as you feel comfortable sharing. We are always happy to work with companies who wish to include us in their projects.


Please understand that we cannot give legal advice regarding your possible implementation of our software. Multimedia licensing/copyrights/patents are very tricky, please contact a software attorney for help with these questions.

If you would like to discuss one or more of these aspects in greater depth, please contact us so we can begin to evaluate any possible concerns or thoughts for collaboration.


We also provide the option for companies to become official sponsors (shown on the Sponsors page of our web site). In addition to the satisfaction of helping the open-source community, sponsors are entitled to some special perks as well. We strongly encourage anyone using Kodi as part of their business model to sponsor us in some way, though you are welcome to keep the details private if you wish.


Contact us via e-mail at [email protected].