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Every Skin in our official repo automatically generates a basic page on the Kodi Wiki: Category:Skins

And we want a page for every skin! Including those not in the official repo!

1 What to include

1.1 Basic

What's the point of these pages? Basically they're a way to consolidate useful links and information related to these skins, as well as provide an internal link for wiki how-to's, etc. They can also be used to point to the currently active forum thread about the tools (for example, Add-on:Aeon Nox). It doesn't have to be anything fancy; it can literally be just a brief description and a list of links, like a community bookmark page.

1.2 Advanced

However, it can also be much more if people wish, like screenshots, documentation, how-to guides, embedded youtube videos, developer information, FAQs, etc. Take a look at these non-skin examples for add-on pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Here's some skin examples:

2 Skins not in the official repo

Including skins not in the Official repo is easy. Just follow the examples here and here. Click "EDIT" on any page to see how they are made. Info for the {{Add-on}} template is normally taken from the addon.xml file.

2.1 Create a new page

3 Comparison of skin features

When you use {{Skin features}} on a page just for a skin, then you can use that on Comparison of skin features. Just replace the manual entry with

{{#lst:Add-on:NAME OF SKIN|Skin features}}

and then it will be updated in both places with one edit.

If you press edit on the page you'll see examples of how it's done.

4 General editing help

If anyone is interested in helping out, just make an account on the wiki and have at it. Anyone can edit. The wiki formatting is very easy to understand, and if you need any help you can leave a message at Talk:Main Page at any time. We also have a basic help page here. Brand new accounts can't make new pages for a few days, as an automatic protection against spam, but just leave a message at Talk:Main Page and we will enable page creation manually on your account.

Feel free to ask if you are unsure if you should make a page, but don't be afraid to make mistakes! No one will get mad or be punished for mistakes on the wiki. All edits are saved and we can roll back if there are mistakes. Be bold!