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An early version of the Flirc USB dongle

FLIRC is a small, universal USB infrared receiver dongle that plugs into your computer or media player and pairs with your television/cable/satellite remote, or any IR remote that you want to use. It supports all major platforms/operating systems and allows you to use any IR remote control you own to control almost any media player software, mimicking a standard PC keyboard so the built-in keyboard assignments present in all media player applications, including Kodi, accept its commands without needing to install any device drivers.


FLIRC is quite elegant in its simplicity, originally imagined as a USB adapter for the Amazon Fire TV to add universal IR remote support and functionality. Just insert it into the USB port of a PC (Windows or Linux) or Mac and use its simple configuration interface to set it up, then point any remote you have at the FLIRC and teach it what actions to perform when a particular remote button is pressed. When done, the FLIRC can be relocated into your HTPC or media appliance's USB port, and your IR remote will be able to control Kodi on that device. FLIRC is compatible with USB hubs, so you will still be able to use external storage, keyboards, mice, and other USB devices while the FLIRC is connected.


FLIRC started out as a small project run by Jason Kotzin during his battle with cancer, with a portion of each sale going to the oncologist he credits with profoundly impacting his survival, Dr. Heinz Lenz of the University of Southern California Cancer Research Facility.


Please visit the Flirc Knowledge Base for help getting started and feel free to ask any questions you have at their forum.



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