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The Kodi developers conference is where Team Kodi members gather to discuss and handle various Kodi related business. It is one of the few times where Team members meet up in real life.

1 2017 II

Location: Prague, Czech

Date: October 27-29

2 2017 I


Location: Porto, Portugal

Date: May 5th - 7th

3 2016


Location: Budapest, Hungary

Date: October 10th - 12th

4 2015

Top: alwinus, jjd-uk, keith, razze, ksoo, zag
Middle: ruuk, koying, montellese, mkortstiege, , phil65, martijn
Bottom: natethomas, paxxi, garbear, ansii, wisler, negge, hitcher, bignoid, fkoch, kib

Location: Prague, Czech

Date: October 7th - 9th

5 2014


Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Date: October 10th - 12th

6 2013

The team in Munich

Location: Munich, Germany

Date: October 11th - 13th

7 2012

From left to right: topfs2, da-anda, Martijn, fneufneu, sraue, benjee , Memphiz, Wiso, Montellese, chadoe, Davilla, jfcarrol, cptspiff, amet, vdrfan, olympia, anssi, alanwww1, jmarshall, TheUni, Clumsy, Freezy, natethomas

Vienna, sponsored by at-visions

Photos and videos:

8 2010

From left to right: Amet (Zeljko), Andy (at-visions), freezy (Nico), clumsy (Thomas), topfs2 (Tobias), chadoe (Martin), jmarshall (Jonathan) (TOP)/unknown (BOTTOM), elupus (Joakim), vdrfan (Matthias), prae5 (Paul), davilla (Scott), WiSo (Winfried), malloc (Sean), Malard (Martin), TheUni (Cory), Michael (at-visions), Olympia (Bence), Ronen (at-visions CEO) (TOP)/lcapriotti (Luigi) (BOTTOM), spiff (Dr. Arne), Lucas (at-visions)

Vienna, sponsored by at-visions

9 2009

From left to right: Erez, Pike, Yuvalt, WiSo, vulkanr, vdrfan, elupus, blittan, chadoe, MaestroDD


10 2008

2008 DevCon.jpg

Amsterdam, sponsored by Boxee

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