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Templates in this category have been created to facilitate the use of the three types of HTML lists: unordered lists, ordered lists and definition lists.


Unordered lists
Each item is on a new line, starting with an asterisk * (e.g. * Item).
Ordered lists
Each item is on a new line, starting with an octothorpe # (e.g. # Item).
Definition lists
Each item has two parts: the term and the description(s).
The term is on a new line starting with a semicolon ; (e.g. ; term).
The description follows on the same line, after a colon : (e.g. ; term : Description.), or the description starts its own line with a colon : (e.g. : Description 1.).
There can be several descriptions per term, each one starting with a colon on a new line.

Note: The contents of the § Basically section are themselves formatted as a definition list.


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