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1 Bad Design

This page is very badly designed, it mixes many layers of knowledge:

- python

- python editor

- traffic sniffing

- plugin writing

Instead it should only delve into details about "how to write a plugin", taking for granted knowledge about the rest

An "object oriented" approach would be better, explaining the meaning an expected behavior of the methods that must be implemented in the plugin to make xbmc accept it

2 I'll be cleaning this up

I'm doing some house-cleaning on this, this page is hideous. --Webbeh 23:28, 1 May 2011 (UTC)

3 Delete this page?

I added a tutorial for audio/video add-ons that should cover most of the XBMC-specific parts of this. Maybe we should just delete this page and redirect it to the new tutorial? It might be wise to look over this page to make sure the new tutorial isn't missing anything useful. Pline (talk) 18:08, 9 January 2014 (EST)