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Thanks for the page. It was very useful for me in the beginning.

Just one comment. For the the pysrc code that came with Eclipse-pydev was not good since XBMC some times passes files to the module with internal naming paths (special://... or Q:/...) and the module would not find them making it impossible to insert breakpoints in such files.

I did a simple modification to the file consisting on adding a line to each procedure that had a filename parameter (4 procedures in total). I added a line like

def _NormFile(filename):
    filename = xbmc.translatePath(filename)

of course you need a

import xbmc

in the begening of the module...

I just wanted to note it in case is useful for someone else.

By the way, I'm instally a new devenv based on Eclipse 3.6 and latest versions for pydev. If I get it working I'll leave here the links and steps...



PS. Sorry but I'm not good with editing wiki... I let that to someone more experienced.

File locations

found dir for Lib: Library directory used by python. Here can new packages or modules be installed by the user.




personal folder:


on my linux (ubuntu) pc. Will add that occasionally in the wiki. --Raspi177 06:08, 26 November 2012 (EST)