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XBMC Statusbar
Developer lenn1
OS Mac OS X 10.5 +
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XBMC Statusbar is a free "menulet" created by forum user lenn1. Makes an XBMC menu in the Mac OS X menu bar for things like updating the library, wake-on-lan, suspend XBMC, shutdown XBMC, etc.

Attention talk.png For more information check out the Mac OS X Statusbar App for XBMC thread at the XBMC forums.



  • Eden only
  • Update and Clean your Video Library after you pushed some files over the network or deleted some.
  • Suspend,Reboot or Shutdown your System
  • Play/Pause, Stop, Next, Previous
  • Wake on LAN your XBMC if you set it up.
  • Small icon option


On your Mac
Click on Preferences and enter your IP and Mac address (optional) from your XBMC.
On your XBMC
In System/Settings/Network/Services activate Allow programs on this system to control XBMC for localhost access only and Allow programs on other systems to control XBMC for access from other computers as well.