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XBMC Maestro
Developer 3Webers
OS Windows Phone 7
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An unoffical XBMC remote for Windows Phone 7 that utilizes a natural interface to remotely orchestrate the playing of music via any XBMC server.

Browse, select, and play any music available within your XBMC system’s music library remotely via your Windows Phone. Create and maintain music playlists from within XBMC Maestro. XBMC Maestro provides the easiest interface to control all of your music on one or more of your XBMC systems.

It's available on Windows Marketplace



  • Remote control
  • Manage multiple XBMC server instances
  • Live view of currently playing music playlist
  • Supports Mango
  • Natural swipe gestures for easy navigation

Music Library

  • Browse entire music collection
  • Select songs individually or by album
  • Display album cover art and artist fan art
  • Easily add selected songs to current playlist
  • Displays currently playing music, album cover art, artist, genre, and song progress
  • Configurable update interval for current song progress
  • Displays song information for next song in current playlist
  • Functions to remotely control currently playing music include: previous song, next song, pause, play, stop, clear playlist
  • Easily reorganize and edit current playlist via drag-n-drop
  • Jump currently paying song to selected index
  • Ability to save current playlist locally on phone
  • Orchestrate music on multiple XBMC servers
  • Accesses the artists, albums, and songs from the music library on XBMC server