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Kib served as the election administrator, as his seat was not up for re-election.

Nomination notice

The following notice was posted on the Team Kodi private forum, and linked to in an e-mail to all Kodi Foundation members, to give due notice about the election and solicit nominations for the same. The Foundation bylaws state that at least ten days must be given for a notice about member decisions such as an election, this length of time being coterminous with the nomination period.

October 17, 2016 "Nominations for XBMC Foundation Board", as written by keith
Hi everybody, it's October, which means it's time for elections again. Board member seats up for election this year are: Martijn, Montellese and Natethomas.

Seats not up for election are Fritsch and Keith (me).

The rules are pretty simple:

  1. Any team member can nominate.
  2. You're allowed to re-nominate.
  3. The nominated member has to accept his nomination.
  4. Only foundation members will be able to vote[1].
  5. If a person has been nominated, please don't nominate again.

Please make sure to keep your nominations simple and clear. For example:

Nominate: Member's name

In case you're nominated, please reply with…

I accept my nomination.


No, thanks. I do not accept my nomination.

I'll update the second post in this thread with a list of members and the nomination status on a regular basis, so you don't have to crawl through all posts/pages to check.

The nomination period is five (5) days, ending on October 17th, 2018 and actual voting will begin on October 18th, lasting until October 26th.


Voting started on August 29, 2018 and ended on September 30, 2018 using the Condorcet Internet Voting Service with a ranking scale.

Individual e-mail addresses from Foundation members were entered into the CIVS ballot and mailed each Foundation member with a unique voting key url. This also served as the notice for the start of the voting period.

A second notice was sent outside of the CIVS system in order to reduce the chance of someone accidentally not receiving a voting notice. Voting notices can be sent out again, but voting keys are generated based on e-mail addresses and thus prevent double voting.

The following description was used for the ballot:

You're voting for 3 candidates to join the XBMC Foundation board alongside Martijn and Kib, whose appointments last for another twelve (12) months.

Each of the people below have been nominated and have accepted their nomination.

The 3 candidates that receive the highest support will join the board for a period of two (2) years.

Good luck to the candidates.

Final list of confirmed nominees


Official Results

Thirty-seven (37) Kodi Foundation members voted. The top three (3) ranked become board members effective October 2018. Keith, Lrusak and DarrenHill were elected as board members.

  1. keith (Not defeated in any contest vs. another choice)
  2. lrusak
  3. DarrenHill
  4. Ace


  1. Anyone who has been added to the team since September 15, 2016 should also check out this thread. … If you'd like to vote in the election, you need to be accepted as a foundation member and affirm its by-laws.