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Natethomas was voting admin, as his seat was not up for re-election.

Nomination notice

The following notice posted on the Team Kodi private forum, and linked to in an e-mail to all Foundation members, to give due notice about the election and to collect nominations. The Foundation bylaws state that at least ten days must be given for a notice about member decisions such as an election, which served as the nomination period.

2014-10-18 "Nominations for XBMC Foundation Board", as written by natethomas

Hey all, as you may know, it's that time of year again for Foundation Board voting. This year, Jonathan and Cory's seats would be up, except they've now both taken a break from the project, so... I guess the seats are still basically up.

Last year Cory (aka theuni) departed almost immediately after voting ended. The simple thing to do at that time was for the board to simply fill the seat with the next highest vote getter, who was Joakim (aka elupus). It was pointed out at devcon this year that the simple thing to do was simply to make the two seats that would have been up remain up, and that appears to fit the rules as stated in the by-laws, so unless there are objections (or alternative suggestions such as adding 2 more board members for a 7 seat board), it looks like Jonathan and Cory/Joakim's seats will be up for a vote.

For now, I'd like to get some nominations for board members. In the past, in order to get on the ballot, you had to be nominated, and then you had to accept the nomination in the nomination thread (so we didn't accidentally vote in somebody that was inactive). For now, I'd like to propose we have a 1 week nomination period, so post your nominations in this thread. Also, if you have any alternative ideas for how to deal with the seats up for election, feel free to post those ideas in this thread as well. Make sure to keep your nominations clear and visible. Like:

Nominate: David Hasselhoff.

Once the week is up on Saturday the 25th of October, we'll deal with any remaining issues and then begin the vote.

P.S. Board members with seats not up for election this year are Natethomas, Martijn, and Montellese. P.S. #2 Past board members may also be nominated again. There are no term limits.


Voting started on December 13th 2014 and ended on December 23rd 2014 using the Condorcet Internet Voting Service with a ranking scale,

Individual e-mail addresses from Foundation members were entered into the CIVS ballot and mailed each Foundation member with a unique voting key url. This also served as the notice for the start of the voting period.

A second notice was given out outside of the CVIS system in order to reduce the chance of someone accidentally not receiving a voting notice. Voting notices can be sent out again, but voting keys are generated based on e-mail addresses and thus prevent double voting.

The following description was used for the ballot:

This is a ranked vote of available candidates to be board members of the XBMC Foundation. The top two vote getters will become board members for a period of two years, after which time their seats will be up for renewal or replacement.

Your vote is tied to your XBMC or Kodi email address. If any Foundation members state that they haven't received an invitation to vote, any other member should inform natethomas and might suggest they check their XBMC or Kodi email account.

The current list of Foundation members may be found at this link.

Notification for a formal Foundation vote requires 10 days, so voting will be closed 11 days from the date of publishing this poll on the 22nd of December to give all Foundation members adequate time to make a decision.

Good luck to the candidates.

Final list of confirmed nominees
  • mkortstiege
  • FernetMenta
  • kib
  • da-anda
  • keith
  • wsnipex


40 out of 65 Foundation members voted. The top two ranked become board members effective December 23rd, 2014. Mkortstiege and FernetMenta were elected as new board members.

Results page:

  1. mkortstiege (Condorcet winner: wins contests with all other choices)
  2. FernetMenta loses to mkortstiege by 22–15
  3. kib loses to Matthias Kortstiege - mkortstiege/vdrfan by 19–15, loses to Rainer Hochecker - FernetMenta by 22–16
  4. da-anda loses to Matthias Kortstiege - mkortstiege/vdrfan by 19–16, loses to Ejal de Klerk - kib by 20–13
  5. keith loses to Matthias Kortstiege - mkortstiege/vdrfan by 27–10, loses to Franz Koch - da-anda by 19–11
  6. wsnipex loses to Matthias Kortstiege - mkortstiege/vdrfan by 26–9, loses to Keith Herrington - keith by 20–17