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The board of chose Jmarshall to be voting administrator.

Nomination notice

The following notice posted on the Team XBMC private forum, and linked to in an e-mail to all Foundation members, to give due notice about the election and to collect nominations. The Foundation bylaws state that at least ten days must be given for a notice about member decisions such as an election, which served as the nomination period.

2013-09-08 "Nominations for the board. Closes Thursday 19 September 2013 at 12:00 UTC", as written by jmarshall

Each year the Foundation is required by the by-laws to have a vote on either 2 or 3 sitting members of the board. This is to allow both stability (where 2 or 3 members of the current board stay on) as well as allowing the membership to decide on who best represents them.

This year, the seats up for election are those currently filled by elupus and naththomas. In addition, davilla has elected to vacate his seat, thus there will be 3 seats up for grabs. Cory's seat and my seat will be up for grabs this time next year.

The purpose of this thread is to nominate Foundation members for those three seats. Note that you're not voting yet - that will come once all nominations are in.

You may nominate any current Foundation members (excluding Jonathan and Cory, since they already have a seat), excluding yourself (i.e. if you want to be nominated, ask someone else to do it for you). The outgoing board members may be nominated just like everyone else - there are no term limits.

If you're nominated and you are happy to be a board member, please accept the nomination in this thread. If you're nominated and don't want to be on the board, then feel free to ignore it - only accepted nominations will end up on the ballot for voting.

Once nominations close on Thursday the 19th of September 2013 (1200 UTC), I'll assemble the list of nominees and open the voting using the usual system with the aim to get things all tidied up by the end of devcon.

Any questions, please ask.



Voting started on September 20th 2013 and ended on October 7st 2013 using the Condorcet Internet Voting Service with a ranking scale,

Individual e-mail addresses from Foundation members were entered into the CIVS ballot and mailed each Foundation member with a unique voting key url. This also served as the notice for the start of the voting period.

A second notice was given out outside of the CVIS system in order to reduce the chance of someone accidentally not receiving a voting notice. Voting notices can be sent out again, but voting keys are generated based on e-mail addresses and thus prevent double voting.

The following description was used for the ballot:

You're voting for 3 candidates to join the XBMC Foundation board alongside Jonathan (jmarshall) and Cory (theuni), whose appointments last for another 12 months.

Each of the people below have been nominated and have accepted their nomination.

There is some information about the process, and the expectations of board members on the wiki.

The three candidates that receive the highest support will join the board for a period of 2 years.

Final list of confirmed nominees
  • natethomas
  • Martijn
  • Montellese
  • elupus
  • pike
  • zag
  • NedScott
  • freezy


36 out of 63 Foundation members voted. The top three ranked become board members effective November 1st, 2013. Natethomas was re-elected, and Martijn and Montellese join as new board members.

Results page:

  1. natethomas (Condorcet winner: wins contests with all other choices)
  2. Martijn loses to natethomas by 21–13
  3. Montellese loses to natethomas by 24–11, loses to Martijn by 19–13
  4. elupus loses to natethomas by 20–15, loses to Montellese by 18–13
  5. Tied:
    pike loses to natethomas by 26–9, loses to elupus by 25–8
    zag loses to natethomas by 29–7, loses to elupus by 21–10
  6. NedScott loses to natethomas by 29–3, loses to pike by 21–10
  7. freezy loses to natethomas by 29–7, loses to NedScott by 17–15