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XBMC for Xbox 2.0.1 Point Release was released on the 12th of November 2006.

1 XBMC for Xbox 2.0.1 Point Release source code supports the following

1.1 Supported hardware platforms and Xbox options

1.2 Supported output media formats and devices:

1.3 Supported input media formats and devices:

  • Play media-files directly from a CD, VCD or DVD media in the Xbox's DVD-ROM drive #2
    • (Supported CD/DVD formats: ISO 9660 Mode1/2/XA, UDF 1.02 and XDVDFS/CDX)
  • Play media-files directly from Xbox built-in hard drive or a network) #4
  • Stream media-files from a computer over a network via UPnP, XBMS, or SMB/SAMBA/CIFS
    • Including all NAS (Network Attached Storage) that support UPnP or Windows File Sharing (samba/smb)|SMB/SAMBA/CIFS
  • iTunes Music Shares via DAAP (network stream from Apple iTunes 6.x on Mac or PC) #5/#11
  • Stream supported media-files from the internet (if the stream-format is supported too) #5/#11
  • Stream media STORED, (NOT COMPRESSED), directly from RAR and ZIP archives
  • Xbox Memory Cards (FATX) and USB Mass Storage Devices (FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 formated)
    • Including most USB Mass Storage Devices (like memory-keys/sticks) smaller than 4GB

1.4 Supported file/container formats:

  • Audio-CD (CDDA) playback for normal audio CD's (including CD-TEXT support #7)
  • SVCD and VCD (Video CD) video, (SVCD/VCD menus are not supported yet)
  • DVD-Video directly from Xbox DVD-ROM drive, Harddisk-drive or network
  • MPEG, MPG, M2V formats (inc. VCD's .dat and .bin and DVD's .vob)
  • MPEG-TS (TY/TS/DV) DVB transport stream format
  • MP4 (MPEG-4 video) container
  • RIFF AVI (AVI 1.0) container
  • OpenDML AVI (AVI 2.0) container #1
  • BivX (AVI with several audio streams) container
  • Microsoft ASF/ASX/WMV/WMA containers #5
  • Microsoft DVR-MS (Windows Media Center) containers #5
  • QuickTime QT/MOV containers #5
  • Nullsoft Steaming Video (NSV) containers #1
  • Nullsoft Steaming Audio (NSA) containers
  • MPA, MP2, MP3 and WAV containers #5
  • AAC, M4A, MP4 (MPEG-4 audio) audio containers #5
  • RealMedia (Real Video/Audio) RM/RAM/RA/RV/RMVB containers #1
  • OGG and OGM containers
  • Matroska (матрёшка) MKV containers #1
  • VIVO (VIV) containers
  • PVA containers
  • NuppelVideo containers
  • FLI and FLC containers
  • Tracker Mods (18 formats supported) audio
  • M3U, PLS, CUE and STRM audio/video playlists #1

1.5 Supported video codecs:

  • MPEG-4 ASP: DivX;-) 3.11, OpenDivX 4.0, DivX 5.x/6.x (Pro), XviD 1.x and Nero Digital ASP
  • MPEG-4 AVC - Advanced Video Coding (H.264); Nero Digital AVC and x264 video codec #1
  • Microsoft's Windows Media Video v7, v8 and v9 (MSMpeg4/WMV v1, v2, and v3)
  • RealVideo codecs: 1.0, 2.0 (RealPlayer G2), 3.0 (RealPlayer 8) and 4.0 (RealPlayer 9)
  • QuickTime 5.0, 6.0, 6.3 video and audio codecs (QDMC / QDM2) #1
  • 3ivx D4 / 3vi1 MPEG-4 video (inc. MSZH/ZLIB Compressed-Header containers) #1
  • Sorenson v1/v3 (SVQ1/SVQ3) QuickTime video
  • Apple Graphics (SMC) video
  • On2 Technologies VP3 (VP3.x), VP4 (VP4.x), VP5 (VP5.x), and VP6 (VP6.2)
  • Intel Indeo 3.1/3.2 (Indeo3)
  • NuppelVideo (NUV)
  • VIVO 1.0 and 2.0 (VIV)
  • ITU H.261 video
  • Creative Labs YUV (CYUV) video
  • Supermac Cinepak (CVID) video
  • ASUS V1 (ASV1) and ASUS V2 (ASV2) video
  • Autodesk FLI and FLC Animation

1.6 Supported video formats and resolutions

This is a comparison table of common video-codecs to show what the Xbox CPU/Processor can handle:

Codec / Resolution 352x288 480x576 720x576 960x540 1280x720 1920x1080
MPEG-1/MPEG-2 1 2 3  ? 4
MPEG-4 ASP (XviD, DivX) 5  ?
MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) without Cabac & Deblocking  ?
MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) with Cabac & Deblocking 6 7
WMV9 (Windows Media Video v3)  ?
? = Undetermined (the Xbox-hardware may or may not be to slow to decode at an acceptable frame-rate)
  1. aka PAL VCD - More Info
  2. aka PAL SVCD - More Info
  3. aka PAL DVD
  4. aka TS (Transport Stream MPEG-2 Video Stream) - More Info
  5. aka HRHD (Half Resolution High Definition) - More Info
  6. aka Quicktime 720P HD
  7. aka Quicktime 1080P HD

1.7 Supported audio codecs:

  • CDDA (Audio-CD) playback
  • WAV/WAVE (WAVEform) and PCM audio format
  • AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format) audio
  • MPEG layer I, II, and III (inluding MP2 and MP3) audio #5
  • OGG (Ogg Vorbis audio codec)
  • WMA - Windows Media Audio v1 and v2 (WMA1/2 / DivX Audio v1/v2) #5
  • WMA - Windows Media Audio v9 (WMA9) (via WMA9 DLL's) #5
  • RealNetworks RealAudio codecs: 1.0 (14.4), 2.0 (28.8), SIPRO, COOK, DNET and ATRAC3
  • AC3 2.0 or 5.1 and Dolby Digital EX 6.1 or 7.1 audio in video (AC3 digital cable S/PDIF 48Khz pass-through)
  • Dolby Digital AC3 and AC3-WAV/AC3-CDDA 2.0 and 5.1 audio in video software decoded to stereo analog-out
  • DTS (Digital Theater System) 5.1 and DTS-ES 6.1 audio in DVD-Video (DTS digital cable S/PDIF 48Khz pass-through)
  • DTS (DTS and DTS-WAV/DTS-CDDA) 44.1Khz/48Khz audio in DVD-Video (software decoded)
  • AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) profiles: Main, LC, HE, LTP, LD, ER, and aacPlus v1/v2 (AAC+SBR/PS) audio #5
  • M4A and MP4 (MPEG-4 Audio) (including Nero Digital MP4) #5
  • FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) audio
  • WavPack audio
  • MPC (Musepack, a.k.a. Mpeg+ audio) #6
  • APE (Monkey's Audio ) audio
  • SHN (Shorten) audio
  • ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) audio #6
  • Tracker Mod's audio, see list bellow:
    • Adlib (AdLib and Sound Blaster OPL2/OPL3 and Dual OPL2/OPL3) FM audio
    • SID (Commodore 64 tunes) audio
    • YM (ATARI ST) audio
    • NSF (Nintendo NES Sound Format) audio
    • SPC (SPC700) audio
    • GYM (SEGA Genesis) audio
    • ADX/AST/ADP/DSP/YMF/HPS CRI MiddleWare and Gamecube ADPCM) audio

1.8 Supported picture/image formats:

  • BMP picture/image
  • JPG/JPEG picture/image
  • GIF picture/image
  • PNG picture/image
  • TIF/TIFF picture/image
  • TGA picture/image
  • PCX picture/image
  • ICO picture/image
  • CBR/CBZ comic books

1.9 Features available for video playback:

  • Full-screen playback display of all supported video formats/containers via a TV
  • Auto PAL50/PAL60-switching support and auto 4:3/16:9-switching support
  • Framerate Conversion (23.98<->25fps), another NTSC <-> PAL workaround solution
  • SQL database with view by file/genre/actor/year/title and sort by year/name/rating
  • Selectable options from OSD (On Screen Display) Control Panel during playback
  • FFWD (fast-forward) and RWD (rewind #1), and PAUSE in AVI/OGM/MKV/MPEG/MPG media
  • MPlayer time-based (30sec/5min) or procent-based (2%/10%) seeking forward and backward
  • Video-Autorun, auto-plays VCD/SVCD/DVD/CD's with video file(s) upon insert
  • DVD-video playback with menus (from DVD, harddrive, network, as IFO/VOB or ISO/IMG DVD-images) #12
  • Play supported video files directly from ISO, BIN, IMG, NRG and BIN CD/DVD-images
  • Subtitle support (MicroDVD, srt, smi, vplayer, rt, ssa, aqt, sub, jss, mpl & VobSub) #11
  • Play internet files/streams from HTTP and MMS (Microsoft Media Streaming Protocol) #1/#11
  • Play RealMedia internet steams of HTTP + RTSP/RDT (Real Data Transport Protocol) #1/#11
  • Nullsoft Streaming Video (NSV) internet-streams (only if VP3+MP3), (Nullsoft TV a.k.a. NTV) #1/#11
  • Streaming video from a TiVo DVR box over network (requires hacked TiVo running ccXStream) #1
  • Streaming video from a ReplayTV (4500, 5000 or 5500 series) DVR box over network #1
  • IMDb (Internet Movie Database) information lookup for movie-info and thumbnails
    • Can also extract specific IMDb URL a .nfo file with same file-name as the movie
  • Optional media file and/or folder thumbnails for easy localization (see Artwork)
  • Stack multi-file videos option, show/play files with 90% name similarity as one
  • Switch between multiple audio streams/tracks in DVD-Video, AVI, OGM and MKV/Matroska
    • Left, Right Mono and Stereo channel selection available for all two channel audio-streams
  • Multiple video-rendering options to optimize playback of your video-formats
  • Different Post-Processing filters for better video quality #11
  • Flicker-filter (optional video flicker-filter with five levels, disabled by default)
  • Soften-filter (optional filter to decrease video sharpness and thus artifacts)
  • De-interlace filter (for interlaced video) implementation option
  • Brightness/Contrast/Gamma controls (only for HighQuality Pixelshader)
  • Video resizing/scaling and zooming functions
  • Screenshot capture function (including video overlay support and OSD)
  • AC3 (Dolby Digital EAX) 2.0, 5.1 and 7.1 pass-through from video to SP/DIF AC3 output
  • AC3 (Dolby Digital) 5.1 -> 2.0 software-decoding to PCM stereo or mono out
  • DTS (Digital Theatre Sound ES) pass-through from video to S/PDIF DTS output
  • Option to output mono or stereo to all speakers (for 5.1 surround speakers)

1.10 Features available for audio playback:

  • Playback of all supported audio-formats via a TV or external audio-receiver/amplifier
  • SQL database with view music by Top100/Albums/Tracks/Artists/Filenames or Recent Albums
    • Also option to sort by Track/Filename/Date or Size and search functions
  • Karaoke CDG-file display for music files with audio-visualization overlay support
  • CDDB album lookup support when playing Audio-CD's (done via
  • Gapless and Crossfade playback support options
  • ReplayGain "MetaData" applification/normalization (loudness control) support
  • Thumbnail and album information lookup for Audio-CD's (done via AMG/
  • Display embedded tumbnails/icons (album artwork) if integrated into a MP3 or AAC file
  • Optional custom file and/or folder thumbnails for easy localization (see Artwork)
  • Audio-Autorun, auto-plays CDDA and music DVD/CD's with audio file(s) upon insert
  • Play internet-files/streams from HTTP and MMS (Microsoft Media Streaming Protocol) #1/#11
  • Play RealMedia internet steams of HTTP + RTSP/RDT (Real Data Transport Protocol) #1/#11
  • Play soundtracks ripped by/in Xbox dashboard (add path "soundtrack://" to XML)
  • Play supported audio files directly from BIN, IMG, NRG and ISO CD/DVD-images
  • Reads ID3v1/ID3v2/ID666/APEv1/APEv2 info-tags from audio/music-files
  • M3U and PLS audio playlists (inc. option to create/save M3U audio-playlists)
  • SHOUTcast Internet Radio (MP3 .pls playlists) playback support
  • Local/native SHOUTcast recording (to MP3) onto the Xbox harddrive
  • (AudioScrobbler) online-radio submission and playback/streaming support
  • Audio Visualizations (several visual generators and a spectrum analyser)
  • FF (fast-forward) and RW (rewind), and PAUSE during audio playback/visualization
  • Option to output mono or stereo to all speakers (for 5.1 surround speakers)

1.11 Features available for picture/image viewing:

  • Full-screen display of all supported picture and image formats via a TV
  • Picture slideshow, including option for adding recursive to slideshows
  • Picture thumbnails (automatically generated on demand)
  • Folder thumbnails (automatically generated after entered that folder)
  • View pictures directly from ISO, IMG, NRG and BIN CD/DVD-images
  • Picture Zooming, rotate, move around, info, pause, next/previous picture
  • Kodak PictureCD compatible (auto-launches slideshow on CD insert) #2
  • Auto-launches picture CD/DVD on insert if images in root directory

1.12 Features available for launching games and applications (dashboard):

1.12.1 My Programs interface features in XBMC for Xbox:

  • Dashboard replacement mode, launch other Xbox software applications ("XBE" executables)
    • (including Xbox games, console-emulators, applications and other dashboards, etc.)
  • Optional custom thumbnails for folders and the executable, (see Artwork for info)
  • Display embedded tumbnails/icons that are integrated into most Xbox executables for Xbox games
  • Video Mode Switching to force launching a game a specific video-mode (PAL, PAL60, NTSC, etc.)
  • Flicker-Filter settings for Xbox games, (creates a patched copy of all default.xbe with new setting)

1.12.2 XLink Kai (online gaming) front-end features in XBMC for Xbox:

  • Kai connection/cummunity front-end #9
  • Kai hosting options #9
  • Kai text-chat #9
  • Kai Voice-chat (using SPEEX) #9
  • Kai Toast - pop up notifications for XLink Kai #9

1.12.3 Xored Trainer Engine (gaming cheats) in XBMC for Xbox:

  • Xored ETM/XBTF Trainer Engine enable "training" of games to cheat and/or add new functions to Xbox games #10
  • Xored ETM/XBTF Trainer Engine cannot be used to cheat on XLink Kai (as disabled when logged on to XLink Kai)

1.13 Other and generic Graphical User Interface (GUI) features:

  • Controllable via the DVD Remote, a game-pad, USB keyboard and/or USB mouse
  • Virtual-Keyboard for manual video/music database searches and settings configurations
  • Flexible XML based skinning-engine with GUI skin-switching (and many skins available)
  • Context Menu feature (mapped by default to the TITLE button on the remote)
  • View file media listing By List, By Small Icons or By Large Icons option
  • "My Files" file-manager, move/copy/delete local and copy from network
  • "My Weather" weather forecast feature (done via The Weather Channel)
  • Several screensavers on configurable timer in GUI to choose from
  • RSS feed in main menu (you can manually disable or change feed in RssFeeds.xml)
  • Python Script Interpreter Engine (execute/run Python scripts from within XBMC)
  • Idle shutdown-timer, which shutsdown XBMC when idle, configurable timer through GUI
  • Non-ilde shutdown-timer, shutsdown XBMC even if not idle after specific set manually
  • Flicker-filter (optional GUI flicker-filter with five levels, high enabled by default)
  • Language (XML) files for translated GUI (over 30+ languages so far), switch from GUI
  • International-language fonts for the GUI (via TTF-Fonts, configurable in UI-Settings)
  • GUI and video calibration (including storing calibration settings per resolution)
  • Displays system info under Settings (Build date, free space, IP, temperature)
  • Screenshot capture function, to snap shots of GUI (inc. video overlay support)
  • Configurable memory cache buffer for video/audio playback, configured in GUI

1.14 Other non-GUI features, functions and options:

  • Fully re-mappable keys for DVD Remote and the controller/game-pad (via Keymap.xml)
    • Including the possibility to map and use all RCA-5 IR codes from a universal remote
  • Auto-detection of UDF 1.02, XDVDFS/CDX and ISO9660 - mode1/mode2/XA #1
  • Auto-launch Xbox game-disc on insert with enable/disable optional from within GUI
  • Advanced and expert options available via an optional AdvancedSettings.xml file
  • Built-in Web-Server for remote control of XBMC (http//:xboxIPaddressHere.asp)
  • Built-in HTTP API interface so you can build custom remote control applications
  • Built-in FTP-Server, connect to it via an FTP client to copy files to/from Xbox harddrive
  • Supports Static-IP/Subnetmask/DNS/WINS and alternative DHCP-client for auto config
  • Clock/date synchronization from a (NT SNTP) Time Server on the network/internet
  • Harddrive (HDD) spindown on idle (spin-down disks when XBMC is idle in menu) #1
  • Error Recovery Mode (Emergency Recovery Console) - Enables the FTP-server if get corrupt XBMC system-files.

2 Notes

  1. Experimental, unfinished, unstable, buggy and/or limited
  2. Most Xbox DVD-ROM drives are very picky with CD/DVD media disks, see FAQ
  3. XBMC currently only have DVD VOB and IFO parsing support, (no menu support)
  4. Xbox's FATX harddrive file-system has file & folder name/character limitations, see FAQ
  5. DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected files are not yet supported by XBMC
  6. Exclusive to our integrated audio/music-player (PAPlayer)
  7. Samsung DVD-ROM drive only (and maybe some PC DVD-ROM drives)
  8. For LCD-display add-on mods compatible with XBMC see here
  9. Xlink Kai tunneling-engine running on networked computer with internet-access is required.
  10. Xored ETM/XBTF Trainer Engine is only developed/maintained/supported by Team Xored.
  11. Exclusive to our MPlayer-based media-player.
  12. Exclusive to our DVDPlayer DVD-Video player.