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How to help migrate the wiki documentation from XBMC to Kodi

With the Kodi v14 "Helix" release being imminent, we're asking for all the help we can get to update our documentation to refer to the new Kodi name.

Currently, this is what I've been doing:

  • Prioritize wiki pages that need to be updated with the new name in order for the instructions to work and make sense, such as install pages.
  • In many places we are using a template that you just type as {{Kodi}}, which pastes the text "XBMC/Kodi", to refer to both names. The template will be easy to update so that every place where {{Kodi}} is typed can be updated at once.
    • The template has been updated to just say "Kodi", so we can just write that directly now. There might still be places where it is good to write both names, so using "Kodi/XBMC" or "Kodi, formerly known as XBMC, …" would be okay in the intro section of that page.
  • Sometimes the name "XBMC" can be removed completely and something will still make sense. For example, "Go into XBMC's video settings" can just be replaced with "go into the video settings", since we're normally just talking about XBMC/Kodi itself and not another program.
  • Places where exact file paths or links or other exact instructions are used, it's good to just show a note about the future rename. For example, the userdata page says that the XBMC directory will be renamed as Kodi in the future. That same note is transcluded on many other pages that reference the userdata folder path. Once Kodi is released we will still have a note there, but it will be past-tense and say something like "the Kodi directory was named "XBMC" in past versions".
  • Brand new features for v14 can be just written as Kodi, since they technically don't exist under any stable "XBMC" release.
  • Historic references to older versions should remain as "XBMC". For example, if talking about a specific version, such as v12, it would be XBMC v12 and not Kodi v12.
  • The XBMC Foundation is now called the Kodi Foundation.
  • Be careful of urls or commands that might not have been updated yet. Many "under the surface" portions of the program still reference "xbmc".

If you're ever not sure how to go about updating the name, feel free to ask me on the wiki in the thread wiki edits: xbmc -> kodi?, or even just take your best guess. The great thing about a wiki is that everyone is able to see the changes and can double check each other. -- Ned Scott (talk) 21:37, 3 December 2014 (EST)

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