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As of XBMC v10 (Dharma), XBMC has WebDAV client support for media.

1 Source example

1.1 Sources GUI

When entering a source path through the GUI, be sure to include the dav: to start the address.

dav://username:[email protected]/share/

To test this, you can open your web browser to http://username:[email protected]/share/

2 Servers

2.1 Linux

2.2 Mac OS X

Mac OS X- (free) Mac OS X Editor note: Starting in 10.6?? has a built-in webDAV server, but requires setup from the command line.

2.3 Windows

Windows 7- (free) Windows 7 has a built-in webDAV server. If XBMC can't connect to Windows 7 webDAV server: use basic authorization. Disable anonymous authorzation and Windows authorization, use basic only and it will connect.

2.4 iOS

AirSharing- (paid) AirSharing is one of several iPhone/iPad programs that can also act as a webDAV server for XBMC, basically turning the device into a portable wireless hard drive. iOS App Store link