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How to get your infrared LIRC remote working in Archive:OpenELEC. This guide will show you how to modify OpenELEC so that it works with almost any LIRC remote. The four files are lircd.conf Lircmap.xml remote.xml and

This is really simple and can be accomplished in 15-20 min.

You can likely use any remote.xml you can find. The one in the default root location (/usr/share/xbmc/system/keymaps) should be fine. Copy it and put it in the /storage/.xbmc/userdata/keymaps location as we might be tweaking it.

1 Guide

1 We must first change the protocol if you are going to use irrecord on the OpenELEC machine.
ir-keytable -p lirc
2 First thing is grab the IR remote of your choice and follow the previous tutorial "Use Any IR Remote In The House", but skip the remote.xml part.
3 Start at step 13 and don't use sudo. Also, use the terminal editor nano or do all of it on some other linux based machine. You will have to adjust a few things as OpenELEC is different.
4 This will get you the first 2 files and consumes most of the 15 mins.
Lircmap.xml (see below for template)
5 Make sure the name of your remote matches in Lircmap.xml and lircd.conf

Here are the valid Lircmap.xml names. Don't try to make up your own. Don't go too crazy. Stick to the common names and it will mean less editing. Copy this entire thing to your Lircmap.xml (change your remote name) and only fill in the ones you need.

<remote device="MY-Remote-Name">















6 Next create an file in /storage/.config (If you have one already just add the following to that file)
killall lircd
ir-keytable -p lirc
lircd --device=/dev/lirc0 /storage/.config/lircd.conf

You don't need the #!/bin/sh if you already have it in the file.

7 Make the file executable:
chmod +x /storage/.config/
8 Place lircd.conf in /storage/.config/

Place Lircmap.xml in /storage/.xbmc/userdata/

and place remote.xml in /storage/.xbmc/userdata/keymaps/

9 That's it! Piece of cake. Reboot
10 If for any reason you want to go back to the way it was, simply delete those files.

2 Notes

  • If it doesn't work the first step is to find out if LIRC is configured correctly
  1. SSH into the box and type irw
  2. Push some buttons on the remote.
  3. Your custom remote name should be displayed along with the button name.