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Total Control provides the ability to control Kodi from a multitude of Unique & Powerful Interfaces. A pre-made driver has been created to assist with programming and a URC Total Control Programmer can generally implement a Kodi Solution on all Interfaces in a matter of minutes. Control is handled through XBMC's JSON API and is facilitated through the Master Control Processor on the project (MRX-10 or MRX-20 (Not Released) as of this article).

Many advanced functions can be built into Total Control. You can integrate almost anything from Lighting to Temperature into your general commands. Have a single button on any of the interfaces listed set your lights, temperatures, shades, or anything else you can imagine. Have the "Pause" button turn on the lights, and much more.

Unlimited Instances of Kodi are supported. Interfaces & Macros are automatically generated (So a device "TV Shows" is placed on the screen which automatically jumps directly to the Turns on the TV, Switches any Inputs, Jumps to the TV Shows Page in XBMC, then lists all the commands that can control your TV Shows/Navigate.

Available Remote Controls

Available In or On-Wall Keypads